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Who This Site Is For


Track whatever is important about to you about your class. Number of absences. Number of failing test scores, whatever you think would help you better understand where improvement is needed.


Refer your patients to this site.  Ask them to keep track of their blood pressure, blood sugar, or whatever is important to them.  They will be able to see how they are progressing.  Have them print and bring their graphs in to their next physical exam.

Church Offices

Keep a graphical record of church attendance.  Offering income. Pledge income per month. Or number of new members per month or per year -- whatever for which it is important for you to understand trends


Track your membership numbers per year. Or number of new members per month. Or dues income. Whatever matters for which you would like to see the trend over time.

You (anyone, really)

Track your health numbers like blood pressure.  Or activity like miles walked per day. Or how much is spent on gas or house utilities each month. Anything for which you want to see the trend in spending.