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Graph your data online. Graph Health, Wellness, Financial, Sports Trends; graph anything versus DATE

Welcome to MyNumbersTracker.com, the easiest place on the web to create graphs of data that are important to you. That is our claim to fame -- you will not likely find an easier place to make graphs. We have done all the design work. All you have to do is decide what you want to graph and enter the data!  Simple!

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sample graph

Visited your doctor and been told your cholesterol is too high?  Or your blood sugar is high? Need to trend your wellness numbers graphically?

Want to graph the results of your favorite sports team or pitcher? Chart your raises over the years? Graph your kids height every year? Track the number of 3-putt greens, or pars, or bogeys in your golf game?

This website is for you! You could make a category called "Health" and in it graph your blood pressure, weight, blood sugar, PSA, or any other item you choose to trend. And you could set up another category called "Sports" and in it chart the statistics of any pitcher or team in which you are interested. The "x" axis will always be "Date"; this site features graphing trends over time -- not other kinds of graphs.

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